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External Wall Insulation and Acrylic Render System

Depending on specifications external wall insulation is fixed to exterior of the building, base coat applied with mesh inlayed and finished with Acrylic render.

Acrylic render system are available in an extensive range of colours, finishes and textures which forms part of an External Insulated Facade System (EIFS)/ External Walling Insulation systems (EWI) and can be adapted to meet the expectations and design requirements of the architect and designer. The system has Ofgem approval, full ETA certification and meets the thermal performance requirements of the proposed 2013 & 2016 Part L Building Regulations.

The tables below show average reductions to heating bills and CO2 emissions for different homes, and how long internal and external wall insulation would take to pay for itself.

Solid wall insulation - external walls

Type of property               Installation cost Savings per year             CO2 savings per year (kg)

Detached house

(four bedrooms)                                  £425                                                                1,870

Semi-detached house

 (three bedrooms)                                £255                                                               1,120

Mid-terrace house

(three bedrooms)                                 £160                                                                690

Detached bungalow

(two bedrooms)                                   £175                                                                760

 Mid-floor flat

 (two bedrooms)                                  £120                                                                520

Table notes: figures based on a typical gas-heated home. All data obtained from the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

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