Gloucestershire Plasterbording.

Installing plasterboard is a relatively simple and effective method of creating interior surfaces inside your home. Once the plasterboard is installed, it can be plastered accordingly. Please click the + of the following options to review your options.

Commonly used to line ceilings, stud partitioning and is also used in dry lining. It is often made up of a layer of hardened gypsum plaster between two layers of paper.
Similar to vapour check plasterboard, but with a layer of insulation board comes in numerous thicknesses of insulation up to 93mm to achieve required thermal value.
This method incorporates a damp proof membrane on the rear face, usually a coloured silver foil to reduce dampness within the structure.
Highly recommended for use in areas where it could come into contact with water. Commonly used in Kitchens, Bathroom and other sanitation areas.
Used to reduce the transmission of noise in and out of the structure.
Offers improved resistant to fire hazard areas.

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